We will offer a 12 week course that will help our members change the way they think to help them become business owners.

Helping empowering ex-offenders with the freedom to become more than just a number, with skills to help them to become business owners and productive, responsible and acceptable members of society.


We offer a 12 week course that helps identify and work on the traumas that led each one of our members to the life of crime. There are many underlining issues that if go with out address will keep a person in the endless loops of incarceration and crime. Thanks to Brandon C. Jones, MA, LMHC of Minnesota for helping us with a curriculum that we adapted to fit the needs of the people we service. This is the healing part of our program that will help with the paradigm shift to give each one of the people that comes through our doors the chance at succeeding.


We are offer mentorship in the roles of business building, financial guidance, life, education and repairing relationships. We understand this is an important tool in helping ex-offenders move forward in repairing their past. We all need a helping hand a that’s one of the services we offer.

Educational Services

Helping others to advance in their education to be able to understand the ins and outs of running a business. We work at finding the needs and educational goals of each person and help put them on the path of achieving those goals and needs. We are partnering with different institutions of learning to help each client grow.