Felons With A Future

Felons With A future is a not for profit organization, which helps offenders assimilate back into the free society and become entrepreneurs. We achieve this goal by helping ex-offenders taking their dreams of owning a business and turning it into a reality by helping them develop and write a business plan, matching them with a business coach (mentor). Teaching them how to market their company, products and brands. Helping them with tax codes, register their companies with the state and if necessary file for trademarks. Since the stigma of being an ex-offender often holds them back from getting capital through most lending institutions, we connect them with lenders that believe in or mission.

Though our main goal is to help returning ex-offenders to become business owners, that’s not our only goal. We help them develop living skills, soft skills and other skills to reduce their chance of returning back to the lifestyle that led them to prison. Working with different correction departments, re-entry programs, probation and parole departments and other community based organizations, we screen for the ex-offenders, at risk youth or adults, that are looking to becoming entrepreneurs, starting grassroots organization to help their community or just trying to improve their lives.

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With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more info.